Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eating pie and cold winter nights

Food and weather strangely go together. Beef stew and cold winter nights, Chicken with dumplings and cold winter nights, Saturated fat and cold winter nights. 

But Pie goes with every weather. 

In my neck of the woods the weather report started looking pretty intense this past week - Rain! Winds! Possible Flooding!  I thought this could only mean one thing for sure, 
(You never know just how much you love electricity till your power goes out.)
So last Thursday I came home from work, dog tired as usual, and said, "What's for dinner?"
"Tuna, and Pronto!" My cat replied.
So I opened up a can for him and opened up the fridge for me and stared at the various plastic containers filled with the various leftovers and thought what one thing could I make tonight that I would want to eat for the next three days if it was raining and blowing and dark, as in, no power. 
The Freezer goddess whispered "pie."
So I opened up the freezer and said, "WHAT?"
And she said, "Pie?"
I reached in and oh my! I had forgotten I had an olallieberry pie from Linn's just waiting to be cooked. Oh my!
You must try this pie sometime. You wouldn't believe how good it is!
It doesn't come cheap. $9.50 a pie at your local supermarket, but a quality product is never cheap. And if you think you could make it from scratch cheaper or better, give it a go. With berries costing five bucks a half pint, I don't think so. 
This pie weighs almost 4 pounds! 
It's so good you don't even need a la mode, but if you're into saturated fat, don't let me stop you. 

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FishMama said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I have very happy memories of Linn's olallieberry pie. I may just have to add that to my Eating Tour of So. Cal in a few weeks.