Monday, October 6, 2008

What I Grew In Spring and Summer 2008

I thought to make an exhausted list of everything I planted thus far in my garden, starting with vegetables. I usually keep a notebook but not everything gets in it for some reason.
What I really wanted to do today was clear out a raised bed and replant for the fall. But every bed has at least one thing still being productive, so I have to re-think what I'm going to do. And in the mean time, take inventory.
From seed unless otherwise noted.

What succeeded.
Radishes: French Breakfast
Lettuces: Thai Green, Red Sails, Four Seasons
Purple Mustard (self sowed)
Shelling Peas
Carrots: Baby, Regular
Artichokes (from plants)
Zucchini: Raven, French Round, Yellow Crocked Neck Miniature
Chard: Bright Light, Ruby Red
Lavender: 2 kinds (from plants)
Parsley: Flat Leaf, Curly Leaf (from plant) 
Eggplant: Japanese (from plants)
Tomatoes: 2 Juliets, one Ping Pong, six Romas (all from plants)
Bell Peppers: four Tri Color (all from plants)
Corn: Flour Variety Oaxacan Green and Hopi Blue
Beans: Kentucky, Dow Gauk
Tomatillos (self sowed)

What failed.
Red Onions: root maggot (from bulb)
Tomatoes: first round was too early and a hard frost got most of them (from plants)

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