Sunday, April 26, 2009

Order Up!

My birthday is just around the corner, and I must say I'm getting to like them these days. I took a week off from work. 

Judy's Birthday Week! 

You know the funny about taking vacation is everyone wants to know where you are going. Since I'm not going anywhere, I plan to make up a different story for each person that asks. 
I'll steal from the web, of course. "I had fabulous time in Cancun! Thanks for asking!" Um, then why aren't you tan? "Zinc oxide, you silly bean!" OR "Oh Yeah Baby! The pubs in Thailand are to kill for!" Really? I heard they serve rat, cat, or bat. "It's all in the spices, Darling!"

Just keeping it real, people. Really fake!
What really happened last week: I was putting in an order to Williams-Sonoma because I gots to have me these Master & Commander wine glasses. And I have been wanting a deli slicer forever. So on the off hand chance The Mister might be giving me these things,  I wandered out to the kitchen and asks him. 

"Oh Damn!" He said. (yay! I smile to myself.) "It's supposed to come on Thursday." (yay! I'll get before my b-day!) "How do you do that?" He asked. Me: "I don't know." (yay! I am totally gifted!)

So happy Sunday (third day into my vacation) I make a Pastrami Sandwich on Sourdough Rye with Dill Pickles (and plenty of Dijon mustard). Yes I used my new deli slicer with 30 degree tilt for gravity feed to cut the hunk of Pastrami, and then I thinly sliced up a Filet Minon (cooked yesterday) for his sandwich. 

This is my lunchbox (that I take to work.) (I know I act like an eleven year old.) (So Be It!)
with my sandwich, and that's lime juice in the wine glass, in case you were wondering. 

And this is...

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Alicia said...

I'm drooling in many ways. One..that is one of my absolute favorite sandwiches!!! I know people who don't like rye and I just think they are so missing out on life.
Two...I've wanted one of those slicers forever!! Where did you get the bulk pastami?

Hey! Happy Birthday too!!!
Wow, I linked to those glasses and they are lovely. I think at that price I'd have to put the child who broke one up for adoption though! :) Just kiddding...OF COURSE!
I spoke of you in my last post btw....
horrible, dreadful things!

(seriously..i'm so hungry now...thanks a lot judy)