Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Garden

It's been an odd year for the garden. I have wanted to do a lot of things out there, but didn't. It was too hot, and I was too lazy, and I really did need the sleep. So I didn't get up before the heat of the day and pull and put and plant. I remembered to water most days but that was about the extent of activity, besides harvesting zucchinis.

Yesterday I went out to take a few photos and noticed that finally the tomatoes are ripening. The corn is a little taller. Hollyhocks have gone to seed. Brussel Sprouts are hanging in there, which I can't hardly believe with all this heat! Catnip and Oregano are flowering. And it is August and I still have flowering Sweet Peas. Lovely!

One huge surprise was the tomato raised bed. Originally I planted tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplant, and watermelon. The peppers never grew. It was like they were stunted. The eggplants did fabulously and the bunnies devoured them. The watermelon was always a sick yellow color. I was going to pull up the whole lot saved the tomatoes and start anew, but as I said I need my zzzzz's.

The pepper's decided to flower anyway, so now I have these itty bitty peppers to pick, and the watermelon looks like it turned the corner and wants to grow.

I want to put in a fall planting as I will probably get four more months of suitable weather before the freeze. Anyone out there doing a fall garden?

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