Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Testimonial

I have let the mocking bird eat my strawberries growing in the half barrel. I knew that he or she was after them from the start although I denied (to myself) that this could be true. This fact became obvious when little green berries never became big red berries and the bird could be seen jumping in and out of berry barrel.

But the birdie didn't know about the rogue plant under the old artichoke, and today I spotted a red dot from afar, and indeed six berries were picked with gusto.

I washed and arranged and clicked. Then we ate.

"Melted in my mouth," he doth proclaimed!

1 comment:

A Crazy Daisy said...

We tried strawberries the first year we lived here and could not get them to grow well. What's your secret?
Those are lovely btw.