Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hot Dog! It's Baseball Time Again!

I love my new plates - all two of them - with glorious yummy food on them, just like a good food snob should, right?

Hey, that isn't just any mustard on any dog. It's Dijon on a Nathan skinless. And that isn't tap water and tap water ice. Nosirree! Palomar Mountain water and Palomar Mountain ice sitting on, guess what? A real "made in France" French napkin!


Mrs.Oz said...

one thing I love about you Judy, you love simple beauty and many people don't have the gift to see that.
BTW I love a hot dog with just mustard (though I've never had a Nathan skinless).
You missed to explain one thing though, that glass! I love the blue glass.

Judy said...

I was wondering who would notice that glass. Smart one, you are, Alicia.

I have a special love for drinking glasses. The one here is a blue topped Mexican variety. And seen on "Friends" way back when. They have bubbles-a boho feel. If you see them at a yard sale, snagged them up.