Thursday, April 29, 2010

What kind of monster sucks a snail out of his body?

What eats snails? 
He asked in a tone that was worrisome. 
I thought what could be worrisome about something that eats snails. 
Dead snails are a good thing in a garden.

He was concerned though, and I replied,
What else?
What else?
"Some kinds of birds, hmm, I don't know. Why?"
I found a very strange feature, he said.
("Feature" is a term that archaeologist use, btw.)
"So let's look at it, okay?"
We went out to the garden. He was pulling weeds and found this.

From a distance, it looked like dead snail shells. Lots of them! Very Weird!

I reached down and scooped them up.
"Tomatillo skeletons," I said.
"Dozens of them."

Pretty cool!

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