Monday, May 24, 2010


Not too long ago, I hooked up with a friend of a friend, well a friend of a blog friend. I guess the friend has a blog too and he became one of my early followers (love all you early followers!) and anyhoo I heard from my blog friend that the happy Hello Panda crackers were something that he turned her onto, so when I said Hello!, I asked him what his favorite Japanese snacks were.

He said Pretz.

And this is why I went to the Asian store and bought a boatload of snacks.

It turns out that Pretz are not available at this store and really the only place I had ever seen them was at J-List. So a orderin' we shall go. High Ho the merry O. A orderin' we shall go. (Who knew that the O stood for online.)

I also got some Sake drops, Beer drops, and gyoza drops. Gyoza are pork dumpings, and the drops taste just like that, only candified. One word: Awful.

But I love the beer drops and the bacon Pretz. Love bacon!


tofugirl said...

Okay I should have guessed that gyoza flavored candy would taste terrible--but nevertheless, I think that's totally awesome! (My favorite Pretz is french toast flavored! Tastes like maple syrup, although I can only periodically find it here.)

my name is Amanda said...

Mmm, is that caramel Pretz? I am feeling a little more intrigued!

bentobird said...

Mmmmm, bacon. We have it is a once in a rare while treat--and here comes summer BLT season, with farmer's market tomatoes, fresh basil....oh, yum!!