Sunday, October 10, 2010

Windrose Market

We went to our favorite market yesterday to get fresh organic fruits and veggies. It was the first time I've been there since Windrose Market has open for business. In the picture above, the foreground is Windrose and the background, that is light and purplish is Nature's Touch, an organic food market and nursery. 
I've always wanted to visit the actual farm when it was just over the river and through the woods from where we used to live, but never did. So I'm glad they decided it was time to come to town. 
They took over a corner of Nature's Touch Market,
 and sell some unusual varieties of heirloom apples and potatoes.
And baby greens. 


bentobird said...

I love shopping for edible art like what you share with us here, nothing makes me more giddy and instantly happy!

Susan B. said...

Love the photos. Beautiful market. You're lucky to live so near great fresh produce. :)