Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Garden Success

Harvested Mache

I was reading some advice about yoga the other day. To paraphrase it said celebrate your successes (that your body can do) instead of pointing all the things that your body can't do.

So in that vein my surprise success this spring in my garden is a plant called Mache (with an accent over the e). Also known as corn salad and typically it is grown in the earliest of spring as it is a cold tolerant leafy green.

So who knew it would be hardy enough to take on our very hot spring. I mean it's been HOT! Over 19 days of 85 degree heat or higher in the last month. Plus back when these seeds first sprouted, the birds thought I was serving a salad buffet.

So Mache - I'll be growing this tasty green again!

Growing under the artichoke

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Bentobird said...

What a joy when something pretty and edible grows!