Monday, November 17, 2008

Fish Tacos & The Mermaid Wine Bar

First off let me say I'm sorry his fish tacos with two salsas (Spicy Mango and Pico de Gallo) are blurry but that's nothing compared to the way I mangled the photo of my lunch, Halibut Rockefeller (like Oysters Rockefeller but with halibut instead, locally caught halibut).  

We're like the Romans. When at the ocean, eat ocean food. We found this old time dining establishment that we have never visited and settled in. I was faced towards the wine bar while he got a view of the dining room and all the diners. 

He told me later when I started taking pictures of the mermaids, all eyes were on me. I had to laugh. My back was to my audience. Really I am so self-conscious just the idea of people watching me is enough for me to go hide in the bathroom. I'm certainly glad he didn't share this nugget of information until much later in the day.   
Anyway, my rice pilaf tasted exactly like rice-a-roni, but the fish and the veggies were good. He liked his tacos. And convo at the next table was pretty incredible and hard to miss. Hah, dining out can be so much fun! 
I didn't see the action, but he said (of the guy at the next table) that he didn't realize you could shove that much food in your mouth that quickly. I'm kind of glad I wasn't a witness.
The man excused himself shortly after finishing his meal, and the two women left behind said, 

"So how'd you like him, Ma?"

"Better than the last one."

"Oh I know."

"Ate kind of fast too."

"Yeah. He's only person I know that eats faster than me, but wasn't he sweet, Ma?"

Ma paid the bill.

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Alicia said...

Those look so good! I have some fish in the freezer and have been contemplating trying to make such a yummy dish. Hmmm.