Friday, January 30, 2009

A Chicken In Every Pot

I bought a whole frozen chicken from the local meat company (that will also process wild kill like boars and deers) the other day. And it defrosted in the fridge this week whilst I was too busy at work to do anything with it anyway.
So today I got out the old hacking knife and scissors and made the bird into pieces. Wings, thighs, and backbone found their way to stock pot. Legs and double breast were roasted. 
All cooked now with a rack of baby backs as well. I'm deep into protein this week. 
What to do with the stock, I wonder. Since my guy has dietary restrictions, as in no meat stock, it's all mine. I hope it gelatinizes. I love jellied stock. When that happens, I feel like I'm eating just plain goodness!
Well I'm off to hunt for a few good recipes of comfort food. Perhaps chicken and dumplings.
Perhaps homemade noodle soup. Perhaps mashed potatoes and groovy gravy.

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my name is Amanda said...

Some delicious options, there! You suddenly have me missing my parent's home a lot. Cooking whole chickens is just something I do not do.