Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Decision Of The Day

Usually begins with what cup do I want my coffee in, or what shall I be today? A cow, a horse, a sheep, or a pig? Whoa Nellie for those of you who think I have a self-esteem problem. As a matter of fact, I think quite highly of myself. I blog after all. More than one too. And what's the big deal of starting your day as an animal? (psst you already do.)
These mugs represent my country collection of perfection.  I pick the horse when I have gallop through the day, often drinking only one mug of super-charged jet fuel.  I like the pig on days like today - cloudy and cold yet happy and mellow. The cow, well being a Taurus, I happen to think cows are pretty darn neat. And having lived on a cattle ranch, I know there is something to Larson's cartoon of cows playing doorbell ditch on the farmer.
The Blue Sheep is reserved for special days when I stay home and play with my cat. Si is a water sheep in Chinese astrology.

As you can see, these cups are copyrighted. Little faces and skinny legs are Art. Know that.
Oink! It's time to fry up some bacon.

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