Sunday, March 1, 2009

Worm Poop (It's My New Banner!)

After the recent rains, there are zillions (only a slight exaggeration) of these bumpy little piles. I read in Wiki that they are casts "faeces casts," which I interpreted to be poop. Set me right if I'm wrong.
We also have tons of red worms out here too. I looked for Wiki entry but found none. The Google search indicates red worms are big business for composting, and when I looked at some images to share, my stomach kind of went "Close window quickly!"
Even though red worms (wigglers) are cute in their own way, and I've saved scores of them from the birds after a storm (Yes, by picking them up off the cement and placing them on the dirt), looking at a bucket full of worms, well, not good right now. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

If you are interested in learning more about redworms, this wikipedia article is full of facts, and doesn't have many pictures :)

I also have a lot of info on my blog:


'Lola'' said...

I read some recipes for worms in 'The Worm Book', trying to remember the authors-2, maybe Taylor?
Anyway... worm 'poop' is cool. Oh yea--my hubby ate some 'worm castings' [POOP] and said it were sweet. What??
We raise composting and fishing worms. They'll great BUT I won't taste them. J.A.ROSE-BARTLETT 'Lola'