Saturday, May 9, 2009

The First Snake Of The Season

I've seen a number of snakes in the road thus far, but this is the first snake in the garden this season. With all the lizards I knew to be cautious of snakes, and now with the heat I was poised with my camera, on alert, and ready to attack. Taking pictures, that is.
Sure enough most came out blurry. Of course the snake was freaking out with me running around jamming a camera in his face. I finally turned my back and took a picture of the moon, and when I turned back around to see where he went, he was gone.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I would have run screaming in the other direction! You are very brave..or insane.
I got your book in the mail today, it is awesome, the cover is absolutely the prettiest thing I have seen in a while. It is just stunning!
So incase you are feeling some vibes, it is just me thinking about what I am going to put in your book!
Have a great weekend:)

my name is Amanda said...

Rather than grab my camera and start snapping photos, my instinct when I see a snake is to scream my lungs out and run for the hills.

I'm terrified of snakes! These photos are giving me the willies, so I'm gonna have to click outta here soon!

my name is Amanda said...

Dude, me and Far Side of Fifty's comments were published at the same time, and both about screaming! F***in' awesome!

Anonymous said...

That looks just like a King snake, we kept a King snake as a pet for a while, helping a friend while he was in basic training. Not a very cuddly pet and they will bite. We have Rattle snakes here so if I saw a king snake I would be happy.