Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fry Pan Portrait

One of the things I bought for myself for my birthday is this charming eight inch fry pan. I threw my other one away about a month ago. It had that non-stick coating that was flaking up. That's not a good thing to eat, so into the trash it went, followed by heavy hints of wanting a copper all clad. 

Well, short of writing down the item number with a picture attached, there was no way The Mister would get the hint. He got me the soapstone pan and mugs instead because he's always wanted soapstone cooking devices.
Although to his credit, he did get me a steamer - a lounge chair that might have been on the Titanic. 
So I got this lovely pan that fries an egg perfectly and those Master & Commander glasses that are seriously heavy. (I'm now developing wrist muscles.) I must say I really scored this B-day!

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