Friday, June 26, 2009

The Raspberry

Sometimes it's the luck of the draw, the throw of the dice, or the automatic focus, and at least one flower is in definite detail. Giving me the raspberry. The others look like blind gropers hiding in their coral reef. 
Speaking of coral: these six foxgloves ("Giant six pack of annual color for only $4.49!!!" from my local nursery) claimed to be Apricot in color. And yes I see a little apricot when the buds are immature, 
but in full bloom, they look decidedly pink. Okay maybe a seashell pink but definitely not an apricot color. Good thing it doesn't matter. 
Also a good thing that I knew they weren't annuals too. 
Foxgloves - so aptly named.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Judy, If you cut the bloom off after it is done, you may get some side shoots that bloom. They are beautiful..but most certainly pink.. Happy 4th of July! :)

my name is Amanda said...

Maybe more skill than luck at this point - these photos are beautiful.

- Yes, I am catching up on my blog-reading today. :) -