Sunday, July 5, 2009

Committing To Your Relationship

Every once in a while you meet someone special and you want to fully commit yourself to them, and your partnership.

Such is the case with sprouts.

You must pay attention to them three times a day. That means rinse with cold water and drain, morning, noon, and night.
The other thing that is important is the quality of the seed itself. I recommend organic because if there was ever a need to put something "pure" in your body, it would be a sprouted seed.
So let's back up a bit. The above photo shows my set up. Alicia was telling me how her middle child likes sprouts more than lettuce, and I said "Super easy to do yourself!"
All you need is a jar and some seed. Alfalfa seed is very popular, cheap, and easy. But I like brassicas like broccoli and cabbage. I also love love love radish. And onion is quite tasty too.
Some time ago a study was done that proved a chemical in broccoli killed cancer cells and in broccoli sprouts, that chemical worked even better. So now broccoli seed are too expensive. Seriously I'm not spending ten bucks for a bag of sprouting seed.
I have a cap that fits on my jar that is green and has holes in it. This is handy but not necessary. I need the wire screen mesh because when I rinse some seeds come thru the holes.
Traditionally I would use a couple of layers of cheese cloth and a rubber band over the top. Keep in mind, ventilation is important. As is rinsing. You must rinse three times a day! And because the jar sits in a cupboard in the dark, it is very easy to forget about it.
At some point the jar comes out of the cupboard to sit in daylight so the sprouts get green and after that, the hull are rinsed away. Now it's time to chill them in the fridge and enjoy. Read the directions below.


Veggie Mama said...

Thanks Judy! I linked to the wrong blog though! I'll have to fix that. I'm anxious to start but first I have to do this garage sale and get my life back in order since there is stuff EVERYWHERE waiting to be sold.

my name is Amanda said...

This is a very fair description, but I'm sorry to say that I don't think anything could ever make me enjoy consuming sprouts. Can't stomach 'em!