Saturday, July 11, 2009


I went to another training day for my job today. I don't know about my employers. Maybe they think we are a bunch of idiots. And maybe we are (I am). I've just been watering the garden for about an hour. Ha Ha!
Well no matter. I love pizza. And when I make pizza, everybody loves me. Everybody as in the dude who eats my pizza. And you know what? Pizza is good for you. You can put a scoop of whole wheat flour in the dough. That's good for you. Tomatoes are good. Cheese is good too. Calcium ladies. Yeah baby! I always put lots of veggies like bell pepper and zucchinis. And only the freshest leftovers like steak and deli sliced ham from my deli slicer.
But the deal is - when pizza is ready to eat, the camera, the very idea of a camera, goes straight out the window. Don't ask me why? Well you already know. It's time to eat! Not take pictures!