Friday, August 28, 2009

Beginnings Of Bento Box Lunches

I don't know why but I can eat tons more carrots if they are shaped like flowers. Here is Day One of Bento Box. I am using a Mr. Bento. 1. Oatmeal 2. Steamed rice with cooked pork (cut from baby back ribs) and carrots, lightly steamed 3. Cut nectarines, dried apricots, fresh blueberries 4. A soy hard boiled egg, one Bubbies pickle, two cherry tomatoes, and a teeny container of soy sauce (has the red top and it's in the shape of a fish).
Note that Mr. Bento is four containers that stand vertically inside a Thermos type container. Either it's a hot meal or a cold meal. I put hot water in the oatmeal right before I left for work. The residual heat kept the rice dish warm.
They call it Mr. Bento for a reason, I told The Mister. He opened his wide mouth like the wide mouth type Thermos that holds four separate containers. I told him - That's a lot of food. He made groper-type mouth movements. What a brat! Day two of Mr. Bento lunch: shown here only two dishes. 1. Teriyaki chicken with Shitake mushrooms and broc 2. (not shown) steamed rice 3. (not shown) plum slices, blueberries, dried apricots 4. hard boiled egg with salt and three cherry tomatoes.
Day three of first week of Bento Box Badness ( and my last day of work for the week ) I used my Hello Kitty Bento Box. Very very cute! Two layers tall with dividers (must not let food touch) and comes with chopsticks too. Bottom level: string cheese, croutons, blueberries, dried apricots. Upper level: cut off the bone teriyaki chicken (Yum!), two cherry tomatoes, and one hard boiled egg (I forgot the salt. boohoo). All served cold.

Lessons learn.

1. Do not mix brassicas with anything in a container. Must be separate because they emit a gas that is not good for appetite.

2. Oatmeal doesn't really work.

3. Slice the pickle.

4. Cold blueberries will make crisp croutons soggy.

5. Don't forget salt or utensils, silly.

6. Bento boxing is fun!


A Crazy Daisy said...

Interesting. The pictures are very colorful and fun too. What is a Soy Boiled Egg?
Why did the oatmeal not work?
like your new template.:)

Judy said...

Hi Crazy,
A Soy Boiled Egg is a regular hard-boiled egg that has been de-shelled and twirled around in a small dish of soy sauce. The oatmeal didn't work because halfway thru eating it, I realized I had to force myself to swallow. Texture was too soft. Not good for lunch. And thank you for the template ideas! This one is growing on me, very beachy. It's called Board Shorts! Haha