Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rawh! Bento Box Love.

I'm thinking I might have to change the name of this blog. Or maybe start another new one all about bentos. I've been bit by the bento box love.

Normally I don't eat breakfast. If I'm home, I will start to snack around 11am. However if I'm at work, I generally bring a lunch. [The restaurant food in the town where I work is not the greatest. (No place-naming please.) Yes I like the pizza place, but I am a nibbler. A bite every hour or so, and pizza gets kind of gross if it sits around for 4 hours without a fridge (even with a fridge).] So I usually bring my lunch.

The photo above. Clockwise top left: Roasted panko chicken drumettes and pickled beets, vegetable nommies with hB egg and apricots, fruit, and peanut butter and butter STAR sammich.

Here we have "I'm Late" lunch on Wednesday. This was fun because I tried so hard to be organized. Wok the pork, zuch, and red bell pepper, fresh streamed rice with gomasio, soy egg. and other stuff, but most importantly oranges and chocolate. Guess what I ate first?
Here's my darling - but of course. Bunny bread cut outs with butter and peanut butter and chocolate ears. I ate the ears and put together the bunnies for a sandwich. Dates, apricots, pickles, red bell peppers, and hB egg. Hello Kitty!


my name is Amanda said...

Judy, I meant to say this on the last bento-post, but now that you've posted a follow-up, I can tell ya right here: I love the bento boxes! I totally want one. And..."soy egg?" It looks and tastes like an egg? I am suspicious.

Judy said...

Hi Amanda, OMG bento boxes are so Kawaii! I've turned into a teenager. hB eggs -> soy eggs. No big deal. Small dish with soy sauce and a hard boiled egg. Twirl it around so the egg gets a "tan" - 2 minutes top. Not strong tasting. I usually add salt when I eat it too. Should I do a video? be come a utube sensation? lol