Saturday, November 14, 2009

German Potato Salad

Inspired by Lil'chan, I decided to make a hot potato salad for lunch. The moment after I took this photo to your left I realized that I wouldn't be using bacon  and perhaps not onion either, but both are good additions.

What I did use was:

3 white potatoes
2 small shiitakes
1 red bell pepper
8 black olives
1 carrot
1 medium fennel
2 Boar's Head all natural beef franks

I cut the ingredients in mouth-sized pieces (except for the mushrooms and fennel which I diced). The potatoes were boiled in salted water for 20 minutes or so. The red peppers and carrots were par boiled separately until done. The disced franks were pan fried with the shiitakes. The fennel wasn't cooked.

When everything was ready, it was mixed in a big bowl with the dressing.

The dressing is a basic oil and vinegar dressing with  a tablespoon of mustard. I like Dijon.

The verdict:

Before eating, he said, "I'm not hungry. I just ate breakfast a few hours ago."
During eating, "Hey! This is good! A really nice flavor!"



Lil'chan said...

Hehe^^ Your salad looks great! Well done ;)

arkonite_babe said...

I love german potato salad, yum!

bentobird said...

Lovely recipe and presentation!