Monday, December 14, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Puffy Bear and the disaster that turned into a delight

Puff pastry is becoming one of my go to's for fun food. Certainly not something one should eat every day, but once and a while...

I love savory biscuits and pies. Ham and cheese anything sounds good to me. So I made Mr & Mrs. Puffy Bear. You can tell the girl from the boy because she has a bow in her hair.

And the boy has a very trendy pointed head hair style.

I also made little ham and cheese turnovers decorated with a lovely flower.

Ack! What a disaster! The cheese leaked out even after my careful pinching at the seams.

Fortunately crispy cheese with puffed pastry is quite the ticket in Yummyland!


bentobird said...

Yum--what an adorable experiment, loved the photo documentation! Some cheese filled puff pastry would make me happy any day!

Judy said...

Oh bentobird, you know it! When I gave The Mister his choice of turnovers, he picked the biggest!