Saturday, January 30, 2010

Subject to change

The idea behind Crop Rotation is that bugs follow their passion of certain plants and if you just don't plant the same plants in the same spot every year, then you might not get the problems that bugs bring to those spots. Also there is the issue of "heavy" feeders as opposed to "light" feeders. And it is easier on the soil to rotate these feeders. 

What is a heavy feeder? Corn. Most Brassicas (like brussel sprouts and cabbage).
What is a light feeder? And actual contributes to the health of soil? Beans, legumes.

Onions and Umbellifers (like carrots and parsley) have root maggot problems. 

Everything in world loves Brassicas.

Solanaceous like tomatos, potatoes, and eggplants have blight and other odd diseases.

Cucurbits have a problem with mold and wilt.

Somehow as a garden planner, I have to weigh the where and the past with each raised bed. Also noting that some plants are perennials meaning they stay year after year. 

So this is plan this year. 

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