Monday, March 1, 2010

You are what you eat

Hey ya there, sweetie dumpling!

Wanna go hot tubbin' sometime?

Sometime soon?

I was reading Gamene's post on making mandoo, a Kimchee dumpling. And as I scanned the list of her ingredients, I thought Hey! I have most of those. Plus I have my own Kimchee, now aged just over a month.

So I made the filling and put it in the fridge and pulled out a recent recipe from the L.A. Times on how to make dumplings from flour and water.

Normally I have the pre-made version at home, but I just didn't and I don't live close to a market and what the hay! I have flour and water. I even had the preferred unbleached bread flour - more gluten, you see.

Pressing together the dumplings together with fingers is the right of the cook. See the ones I did in the back row? haha! but I remembered that years ago (like in ancient times, 25 years ago), I'd bought a dumpling maker. It was the Frugal Gourmet's brand. Anyone remember him? He had a cooking show and wrote books. Historical food was his specialty - I enjoyed going around the world with his recipes.

Well since I seldom throw anything away, I found that dumpling maker (the white thing in the above photo) right next to the jello salad forms in the back of the bottom cabinet. Look how the dumplings resembles the rising sun. Well, see my banner for that image.

Not like my little ugly handmade purses. (Handmade tasted better though!)

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