Sunday, November 20, 2011

Roasted Frogs

Not really.
Roasted garlic and chicken

I'm starting a new tradition called Sunday Supper. New to us, that is.

Actually we have been sort of doing this off and on with our sometimes Sake Sunday, but I want to make more formal proclamation and a button too. I like making buttons, so if you do too, be on the look-out!

Super Sake Sunday Supper

Last Sunday was a Sake Sunday Supper. I roasted cut up chicken thighs with a whole bulb of garlic.

Roasted garlic is really mellow compared to raw or even sautéed garlic. One can just cut off the pointy top, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast with meat or root vegetables (or all by themselves which I'm currently doing for today's supper). I'd say roast for about an hour, and I flip them over halfway through the process. The roasted cloves can be squeezed out and mashed (delish on toast) or fished out one by one and eaten whole.

Other dishes here are rice, shredded cabbage, both savoy and purple, tossed in a light mixture of soy sauce and olive oil, and a fruit bowl of pomegranate, plum slices, and a half of a fig.

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