Friday, February 8, 2013

Tempura Tales

One of my favorite dine out foods is tempura - shrimp being most sought out. I would like to make it at home and I've tried to with various degrees of success.

I mean after I had shrimp tempura one week and this seafood the next, I knew I had to try again at home. I have a deep fryer and all the ingredients, so blam! Super Bowl Sunday I made red pepper, asparagus, and shiitake tempura.

I used a rice flour and club soda batter recipe that I found online, and it worked pretty well for the shiitakes anyway. There are no pictures from this event because I was afraid to touch my camera. Hot oil, tempura batter, stress. It wasn't pretty, folks.

So I leave you with what is pretty - to me anyway. Salmon! Yum!

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